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Retrospective: Looking Back at the Events in 2011

2011, a year filled with many first attempts in my life.

Why won't a bishoujo pull my hand like that too?

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Cosplay Feature: Spcats Miyuko’s Ahri

Just like Ahri's charm, Miyuko's charm is irresistible.

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Netorare Lied: When Shit Gets TOO Serious [NSFW pictures]


The usual reaction of romanticized netorare.

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Classics: Toradora! First Impressions

I have waited too long to see this glorious anime.

I can't believe I missed out on Ami-chan for THIS long.

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Hentai Seed Destiny: How it corrupts people

Misaka, quick! Switch spots with me so it won't be rape!

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League of Legends: AFKing and/or Leaving

Wait, what? Why is there a League of Legends article here? Well, that’s just how it is. No questions.

She's mine, bitches.

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Otaku-noms: UCC Coffee

Anyone feeling thirsty yet?

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