League of Legends: AFKing and/or Leaving

Wait, what? Why is there a League of Legends article here? Well, that’s just how it is. No questions.

She's mine, bitches.

So, assuming you all know what League of Legends is, I will get straight to the point.

As those of you who play LoL are familiar, Riot Games implements a system that when players who are AFK or leave a game in progress, they are penalized. While this sounds absolutely great and can ensure balance to the game, there are some issues that have to be addressed.

Okay, while we certainly do live in the internet age, not everyone has the greatest internet connection. Obviously there are people who are just plain stupid and leave their MSN/Bittorrent on while they game, there are definitely people out there with terrible connection. It’s not even that they’re on dial-up, but rather, their ISP is a cheap-ass company that falsely advertises 50MB while you’re only getting 30.  Regardless, for example, say you’re about to win, and your teammate D/Cs in the last few moments. Did he really leave the game? Obviously not, otherwise you wouldn’t be at the enemy nexus. However, it still counts as a leave. On the other hand, if a person is forced to leave a game due to technical problems, then obviously there’s an excuse. However, should we blame the person who D/Ced for not having good enough internet?

As for technical problems such as a poor graphics card or low-end processor, there’s not really much of a choice. You can’t blame them for D/Cing because they have sub-standard hardware now can you? Obviously the rules entitle that each player cannot D/C or AFK under any circumstances, but it really isn’t the player’s fault to D/C under poor internet or hardware circumstances. It’s not like we’re back in those days where there are sore losers who D/C to avoid a “loss” on their record.

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Face it people, you’ve all had one of those days where your latency was higher than the kid who dreadlocks down the street. Obviously with such ridiculous lag, you really shouldn’t have even started playing in the first place. However, it’s not like you constantly have a latency meter on the bottom right corner of your screen, so thus you can’t tell. The problem really arises when your latency skyrockets through the roof and you eventually end up lagging out for 5-1o minutes or so. What happens in that 5-10 minutes you say? Well, your team starts losing towers, raging at the AFKing fag on their team, and you get an AFK warning. Great game, eh? It’s not like you want to AFK. Nobody wants to AFK in a game, but that’s just what happens. On the other hand, when almost all is lost, there obviously will be a teammate who refuses to help and waits for the game to result in a loss. That’s where the AFK ban comes in handy, but don’t you think the people who are repeat offenders know how to circumvent this?

As a result of these AFK and D/C system, innocent (well  not really) have been getting their accounts banned. Though there are games where leaves or AFKs have been excused, but that doesn’t happen often enough. Do you think Riot really cares about you? Clearly yes, but not to the extent where they review every damn leave report. So what’s the solution to getting accidental (not on purpose) AFK warnings or Leaves? For now, Riot seriously cannot have a better system for sore-loser-prevention, but in order not to get caught up in this deadly crossfire, the only thing one can do is consider getting a better internet connection or computer. It cannot be prevented that proper users are caught in unfortunate predicaments, but I’m sure if you “space out” your incidents, it’ll be less likely for you to get a ban.

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