Otaku-noms: UCC Coffee

Anyone feeling thirsty yet?

As I mentioned before, I’m going to get really random on this blog and just post whatever that pertains to Japanese culture. Taking light of this, I would like to introduce to the readers a new series, called Otaku-noms.

Surely Otaku-noms aren’t JUST for otakus, but I would suppose it’s what most otakus would be consuming if they are in need of nutrition. So without futher ado, I shall present the first Otaku-nom!

UCC coffee, widely known for its popular canned beverages, has become an international symbol for otaku-related food. Since ” The End of Evangelion” where UCC’s famed Milk & Coffee first made its appearance, UCC coffee has been considered as the first and foremost coffee go-to choice for otaku. However, UCC coffee’s popularity isn’t limited to otaku, and it can be even seen to be purchased by common salarymen and even lolis. Today, UCC coffee’s products can be purchased all over the globe with varying editions of different flavors. Therefore, with S & D’s milestone 1st Otaku-nom, it is none other than a coffee product, and one that is recognized by otakus and non-otakus as the paramount excellence of coffee beverages!

Side note: I bought this certain UCC edition in Taipei, Taiwan and let me tell you people, it is a killer drink. Normally I don’t drink coffee (I prefer tea), but when coffee is this good, I buy it everyday. That’s right, even weekends! At NT $25, which is roughly $1 US/CAD it is one hell of a bargain, save for the ridiculously miniscule drink. Just remember, I don’t usually drink coffee, but when I do, I prefer UCC.

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