Classics: Toradora! First Impressions

I have waited too long to see this glorious anime.

I can't believe I missed out on Ami-chan for THIS long.

Wait, what? This is an old series?

Duh, that explains the “Classics” title. As a rule of S & D, I will never post episodic articles on here because I already do so for another blog. However, since I continually to watch old or as I would like to put it, non-airing anime, I will obviously have opinions about them. Thus, I devised a “Classics” category to accommodate for my posts that are in regards to older anime that aren’t airing.

Before we start, let me explain how this “Classics” system is going to work. Per “Classics” series, I shall be doing 3 posts on them. A first, middle, and final impression on the show. Each post will come at a interval of 1-4, 5-9, 10-12 per 12 episode season. For 24 episode seasons, just double the amount per interval. Anyways, without further ado, enjoy!

I'm sorry, but the title gives it away.

When I first started contemplating whether to watch this anime or not, I got several positives from Twitter, so I went “Heck, if everyone loves it so much, why not give it a try?”. At first, the first episode felt pretty good. Not that it was “spectacular” but good for a highly-praised anime. The story pretty much plays itself out, except with the occasional twists that you would expect from a decent anime.

However, as hard as J.C.Staff tried to make it not-so-obvious that the dragon was going to hump the tiger, the name even gives it away. While how much I like a plot should not be considered when rating an anime, the generic-ness of Toradora in its first episode was more or less a disappointment.

Sorry Taiga, I'm all for Ami 😀

Obviously there’s Yuusaku, Minorin, and Ami-chan, but despite a number of episodes after their introduction, there hasn’t been too much focus on them other than Ami-chan. While I believe that Ami-chan go the spotlight she deserves, the respective love interests of Ryuji and Taiga seem…quite sidelined. For example, there has been episodes where each character has been known to show a special trait, but somehow that doesn’t apply for Minorin and Yuusaku. At best, all we know is that Minorin likes stars and extraterrestial stuff (up to how far I’ve watched) and Yuusaku is the class president’s dog. While Toradora!’s cast is reasonably small, you would expect that, 10 episodes in, the viewer should have a firm grasp of each of the main 5 characters.

Not to be outdone by an average first episode, I decided to continue watching Toradora…and things started to piece together. I don’t know if it was the OP song, Taiga’s zettai ryouiki, or Yuusaku’s less than impressive biceps, but the show started to become addicting. While love stories usually play out the same way and features the same plots (albiet different characters), you rarely come across a Tenori Tiger. Praying on the weaknesses of Taiga and letting the audience get more and more engaged with Taiga, soon Taiga becomes a character hard not to love. Along with Taiga, Ryuji’s cool air makes him an excellent standalone character. In fact, I believe if he had an anime just starring him, it would do well anyway. With Taiga being the failure of a shoujo and Ryuji the perfect housewife, the show becomes a cocktail of comedy and romance that you’ve never seen before.

A cake? For me?!

Anyways, aside from the passable character development, everyone else is pretty spectacular. Toradora! provides viewers with a bit of spice that you don’t in ever romance anime. Obviously you have the usual moe-formula, but the way Toradora! juggles with the ingredients just makes the show THAT much better. At this point in the series, I practically can’t turn off Toradora! to write posts. With Ami-chan’s yandere-style moeness and Taiga’s zettai ryouiki, I’m completely ADDICTED.

Rock on, Toradora!

Oh, before I forget, did I tell you what a coincidence that Taiwan’s Animax started airing Toradora! the same day I started watching it on my laptop? A message from the anime gods? I think so too!

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