Retrospective: Looking Back at the Events in 2011

2011, a year filled with many first attempts in my life.

Why won't a bishoujo pull my hand like that too?

Obviously as most of you should know by now, I started blogging about anime in early March. After watching anime for almost all my life, I decided that I simply must do something to be at least a minuscule presence in the community whether it was being a troll, a blogger, or even a fansubber. I was willing to do it. Luckily for me, I didn’t really understand trolling back in March nor did I understand how to fansub. Thus, guided solely by passion, I sought out “anime blogging”. At first, the plan seemed grandiose. Writing articles on the net, getting fame, and perhaps one day become a famous blogger. Sounds like every blogger’s dream right?

Me typing. Except the bishoujo-ness.

Thus, with that goal in my mind, I set out with my first anime blog, Atarashii Shinryakusha. It was one hell of a twisted path. Trying to glean writing styles from various notable authors on the web, I could barely get a grasp of writing posts, let alone adding proper images to them. However, as time passed, I was finally able to get down a good basis for writing posts. Seeing the mess I’ve made with Atarashii Shinryakusha and wanting to test my newly acquired “skills”, I decided to audition to write for one of my favorite blogs, Rabbit Poets.  (I’ll post my audition post in a couple of days)

Though the boss, RP, had to correct several errors in my audition post, I was able to qualify and I was stoked to be one of the new writers on-board for the spring 2011 season. Since I was a newbie at blogging for a big website, I didn’t get a chance to choose any of the high-expectation shows for that season, which made sense anyways as I could potentially screw up. After doing several first impressions, I came across a show that immediately caught my eye, 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku. For me, and I’m sure for everyone else, it was an immediate “love or hate” reaction. In fact, 30-sai was rated one of the worst shows of spring 2011. On the contrary, I thought it was actually one of the best and being totally honest, even all of my non-anime-watching friends loved it. To this day, one of Daigorou’s poses has become one our biggest inside jokes. Regardless, as I blogged through my first season, I got more support than I expected! At first, I managed to record a couple of views per post (about 20-30) on average per day within the first week of posting, but later on, I was starting to get some comments, and before I knew it, I kept getting more and more views.

My first ever screenshot. How nostalgic~

Considering my first season a success, I was granted an extended stay for the summer 2011 season. Because I would no longer be a newbie and it was summer vacation, I wanted to try my hand at covering 2 shows. Straight off the bat, I made no mistake and chose all the titles I was interested in. However, I came to my first decision-related problem. To cover Mayo Chiki! or to cover The iDOLM@STER? Eventually, I chose idol, but as the season got to the 3rd episode, I thought it was absolute (pardon my language) shit. Luckily, Kamisama no Memo-chou, the main show I chose for the summer 2011 season was nothing short of excellent. Again, a lot of mixed reactions about the show, but I’ve come to accept that I have slightly differing tastes from the standard anime-fan.

So as the summer came to a close, I managed to get a steady view-rate and comment-rate which made me feel pretty damn accomplished as a writer. Trying to expand my horizons for the upcoming fall 2011 season, I decided to sign up for a local blog (in respect to my location) and blog at 2 different major blogging websites. However, before the season could officially begin, I was cut short at the “First Impressions” stage thanks to university applications. Thanks to those applications, I have entirely missed out on the best season of 2011…and that brings me to where I am now.

She made watching the series even more worth it

Aside from my anime-blogging history, I also started using a Twitter account. At first, it was all about tweeting to myself without getting a single reply. As days passed and I started following more bloggers and talking with them, my own follower count started to increase as well. Thus, today, I’m able to reach out to fellow bloggers or even readers and discuss anime with them. By using Twitter, I was able to make myself more well-known on the internet and I made several friends that I now have close ties with. Certainly a good choice I made in March!

In addition to my internet life, I also went to my first ever anime convention. Though it was not exactly how I would expected it would (in comparison to the larger and more official anime expos in Asia), it was still quite enjoyable. You can find find the post here. With this experience, I “moderately” look forward to my next anime convention in North America. Hopefully next year I can go visit Comiket in Japan as a substitute.

The current me. And again, without all that moe-ness.

Obviously there are a lot more “personal” firsts in 2011, but I’m sure you’re not interested in hearing those. Regardless, thanks to some of the best decisions I’ve made in my life in March 2011, I am here today, writing this retrospective post and telling you about my insignificant blogging history. Just thought I might share it with you guys.

Happy Holidays!

  1. Congratulations meimeichan on your new blog. What’s important is you’re enjoying with what you’re doing. Also, I’m looking forward to what you’ll be posting and wishing that this site will turn out much better than your old one.

    Good luck and all best.

    • Aw thanks oneechan ^^~!
      I’m defs enjoying what I’m doing~ It’s my break from reality ^^

      Good luck to your own blog too 😀

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