Happy New Year everyone~!

She's my favorite of them all~! Yui-chan~ <3!!

While it has been awhile since 0:00 AM in many timezones, I thought, why not still do a New Years post.

As you all know, New Years is a time for celebration and joy…therefore…there’s quite a bit of interesting art circulating the net around this time of the year.

Thought I just might start your year off with some bishoujos wishing you a happy New Year!

2012 AHOY!~

*All images are full-size and SFW

HNNNG....any picture with Sonico in it is a good picture~


Kimonos are the new sexy.

...and how can we forget our moes~

Fantastic art. Wouldn't you want to kiss that?

...and of course, how can we forget out drunk babes?

A miko with a gun? No complaints.

Dragon lady?

Yet another picture with gorgeous art...jeez...I think I need more room for these waifus...

Cheerful, boin-boin, oppai ending? APPROVED.

  1. Aww, so many cute photos but I know none of them.

    Happy New Year dearest imoutochan and all best with your new site.

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