Graduation from Anime? Never in hell?

My graduation, without all that joy.

High school is a time of passion, hard work, romance, and basically, the time that most anime occurs in. Since I’m in my senior year of high school that means I’m my counting down my last days of said above feelings. The passion and hard work I won’t miss too much, but that’s not the same for the anime and romance portion.

When I was little, “high school anime” was a dream. I’ve always envisioned that my high school years would be filled with the same comedy and romance I saw on television. However, before I knew it, I was already in high school, albeit without all that I had dreamt about. In the end, I had to use the same type of anime to break from my arduous reality and “live” the high school life that I had always wanted to.

My sad, sad nichijou.

In the first year of high school, I thought, it was okay for me not to be living out my anime dreams yet, but as the second year came by, I started to feel as if I was missing out. Since most high school anime romance occurs in the second year, I was expecting my year to be filled with adventures with guy friends and bodacious ladies. Sure I had lots of fun with my guy friends, but where did my bodacious ladies go? Where was my Eri Sawachika to my Kenji Harima? As much as I tried to seek out an Eri Sawachika with my bad-boy Kenji Harima personality, I came out fruitless. No matter how many girlfriends I had, the relationships were nowhere close to the blissful times I saw on anime. At that point, I figured, it was a combination of “true” Asian parenting coupled with different types of girls from those in anime, thus resulting in only producing a façade of joy.

By now, which is my third year of high school, I feel even more ripped off. Why would I say that? Not only have I failed to find my dream high school anime kanojo, my life right now is nothing like what anime high school students are going through. In anime, you never see Asian boys toiling through the night studying for a test or doing homework. The only time when you see them up until 2 or 3 AM is when something bad happens, and it has nothing to do with homework.  In addition, because of university applications in the first trimester, I missed out on the best season of 2011 and my social life is akin to what breasts are like on a pettanko loli. Quite pitiful indeed, but this is all for my “future”.


However, I’m a man of the now. Why enjoy the “future” when you could potentially die simply 5 minutes from now? Why can’t I enjoy an anime high school student’s life; preferably one from Highschool of the Dead?

It’s not because I have no life since I watch anime. It’s not because I can’t make friends. It’s not because I’m an egocentric tsundere. Wait…I take that last one back, but the answer is because of a deadly bouillabaisse of Asian parenting and “real life” problems.

My romance is like this, just not so many sweet, romantic anime-like moments.

At this point, I’m about to embark onto my college life. A life, where, rumored to be filled with sex and booze. While the sexing and drinking all sound pretty jolly to me, what I truly want is that hatsukoi-anime high school romance that I never had.

Where is my Saeko Busujima? Where is my Haruhi Suzumiya? Where are my bros such as Tomoki Sakurai or Mikado Ryugamine? As I graduate, it pains me to realize that I’ve never truly “enjoyed” the high school life that I thought I would be having when I was a little boy. With these questions in mind, I find it incredibly hard to say goodbye to high school.

So...where is this type of bishoujo in my city?

I realize that I am filled with regret, knowing that I didn’t live out high school like how I thought I would.  As I move on, I realize I simply cannot let go of my “high school” romance anime. It will always be my break from reality, always filling the lifeless gap of my high school years. It will always replace the meaningless romances and the façade of joy with my buddies. It will always…well; it will always be my favorite genre of anime.

Still sad...

On a more interesting perspective, what will I do in college? You rather come across college related anime. The last college related anime that I remember was…never? Not that I use anime for guidance (I secretly kind of do…all my love tactics…are kind of from anime too…awkward…), but the lack of college-related anime is rather alarming. So from this situation, does that mean I will never have any lovey-dovey romance in college? Is it all that hot, energetic sex I see in those Hollywood movies? Will I be able to say hello to my friends in class like in those high school related anime? What would I DO?!

And we’ll leave it at.

A more cynical Sabishii-kun after college life starts.

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