The Melancholy of Anime Songs

Anime songs are as attractive as she is.

Is it just me, or am I one of the few individuals that actually download/buy anime OP/EDs? Would you ever tell your friend that your favorite song is from an anime? Is your IPod stacked full of anime songs? Do you even have anime soundtracks? Do you have a playlist entitled: “Anime hits”? Have you ever recommend a friend to listen to an OP/ED song? Well if you have completed any of the above actions, then you’re in the right place.

From the very first anime I started watching, Chuuka Ichiban!, I fell in love with anime OP/EDs. It was not because of their overly-great tunes, but because they just felt “right” to me. Not that I didn’t enjoy regular music, anime music allowed me to “visualize” the OP/ED and relive the emotion I had when I was watching the anime. Okay, that may be just me, but there are obviously other legitimate reasons as well.

She's another legitimate reason.

Have you ever listened to “Don’t Say Lazy” from K-ON!? Ever sang along with ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D when they sang “Complication” for Durarara!!? Of course you have, that is, if you’ve watched the show. Fact is, some OP/EDs aren’t just “anime songs”, and they are perfectly normal tracks that are just implemented into a short 1 minute -30 second long anime segment. Obviously there are exceptions to this such as Nichijou’s first OP, “Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi”, which seem strictly fit for anime, unless you prefer to shake to the crazy beat in public. Truth is, some songs are simply just so damn good that if you didn’t stumble across them in an OP/ED, you would probably think that they’re just another JPOP or JRock track.

Now here comes another problem. How do you manage to explain that huge playlist on your IPod called “Anime Hits”? Obviously, for those of you who are closet otakus, it would be highly difficult to explain this name to your non-anime-crazed friends. In fact, they might even brand you as an otaku and regard you with the same negative connotations as that weird ojii-san at Akihabara with the DSLR. Luckily, there are various alternatives to calling your anime track playlist as “Anime Hits”. You can cleverly disguise it as “JPOP/JROCK” and no one would really care. Perhaps the most intense reaction would be: “Heh, yet another hardcore Asian”. After all this hassle, perhaps you should realize that your IPod should be as intimate as what color panties you’re wearing. So keep that nice & protected, comrades.

Her emotions. I feel it.

Tell me I’m not the only one, but have you ever recommend a “JPOP” song to a friend, and then they somehow trace it back to an anime you’ve never heard of? That certainly happened with ViViD’s “Yume ~Mugen no Kanata~” which my friend somehow found out that it was Level E’s ED. To be honest, I got to that song surfing through visual kei hits on Youtube…and I guess what goes around comes back around. How do you explain this awkward situation when you also know that they aren’t terribly fond of anime? Well, assuming they already like JPOP (I guess, otherwise you wouldn’t suggest that song to them) then they actually might tolerate the “I NEVER KNEW” excuse. Come on, if it’s a song good enough for you to recommend, it’s got to be awesome, right? Well there you have it.

While you might not even know why you’re so attracted to anime OP/EDs or you have trouble explaining to others for the contents on your IPod or the certain origins of a song, one thing is certain: Anime songs are damn good. Otherwise, why do you think AVEX TRAX bothers making CDs for anime songs? Satisfying the otaku masses is obviously a reason, but do you think each and every album sold is bought by otakus? Clearly not. Regardless of whatever reason that hold you back from listening to anime music, tell that reason to go “fuck itself” and if it so happens to be your best friend, then do you really think they’re your “best friend”?

What are you doing now? You have your solution for why you love anime music and you have your instructions for “explaining troubles”, so go listen to your damn anime music.

What you should be doing right now.

  1. Props brother I was in the same situation as you were assuming you live in a primarily non asian country – however its like this… each culture has their own music to some people other cultures music might sound funny or weird but its their culture – no one makes fun of other peoples culture unless they are immature so while I’m outside and a car pulls up next me with banghra or rap at full blast I crank up minami ke op with pride

      • KL
      • September 11th, 2012

      Best comment I read this year. Only immature people make fun of another’s culture

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