Types of Manga Readers: S & D Ver.

Do you read this type of Manga?

So in direct correlation to my post about Anime Watchers, I decided I should create one for Manga Readers because I got several requests on making a list of how to classify Manga Readers. So without further ado,

The Browser
Usually, the Browser is a type of Manga Reader who likes to surf the web and read a couple of manga series. More often than not, these Browsers like to only read popular series such as Bleach or Naruto. Also, the Browser does not intend to spend money on buying tankoubon volumes of the series they are reading. The Browser does not know many Japanese terms and are just getting into the world of manga, especially the reading concepts.

Reads series such as: Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and Hitman! Reborn

The Manga Specialist
The Manga Specialist is a type of Manga Reader who divulges in certain genres of mangas and explores a wide range of manga series. They are often found reading several series at a time, and in fact, may pick up lesser-well-known series to read. The Manga Specialist is also willing to spend a modest budget towards purchasing tankoubon volumes of their favourite series, and are thus, more dedicated than the Browser. The Manga Specialist also has some knowledge about Japanese and starting to explore the world of manga raws.

Reads series such as: Highschool of the Dead, To Love-Ru, School Rumble, Freezing, and all the manga series from the Browser

The Manga Connoisseur
 Unlike the Manga Specialist, the Manga Connoisseur delves into a wide genre of manga series and can be found picking up manga series that are deemed to be good in various aspects. The Manga Connoisseur is not held down by focusing on certain genres and is willing to read any series that has been recommended by peers. Compared to the Manga Specialist, the Manga Connoisseur also likes to spend hard-earned money on tankoubon volumes, and can be observed purchasing tankoubon volumes even in Japanese. The Manga Connoisseur is a truly dedicated Manga Reader.

Reads series such as: All the series aforementioned.

The Otaku
As readers of my Anime Watchers post might know, the Otaku goes beyond the scope of a Connoisseur and is more of a maniacal Specialist. However, unlike the Manga Specialist, the Otaku goes overboard in buying manga related merchandise, be it tankoubon or any other collectibles. By going overboard, the Otaku might by 2 copies of a certain volume, and that’s to say the least. They just might buy 3, 4, or even 5 copies of the same volume. Now that’s overkill.

Reads series such as: Mainly series mentioned in Manga Specialist, but focuses mainly on genres with lolicon and ecchi.

Anyways, in general, I’d just like to say that no one is confined to a certain category based on what they like to read. As I’ve said in the Anime Watcher post, this is just some “guidelines” and is not some sort of definite classification of Manga Readers. Obviously there are going to be some outliers to these categories, but I think I’ve done a good enough job 😀

  1. This applies to me much better than the anime one. I fit pretty well into the Manga Connoisseur category. There isn’t really any manga I don’t read or won’t try reading. I’m actually bordering on Otaku with HOTD. I’ve gotten to the point of buying multiple copies of the volumes. I guess it doesn’t hurt when it’s just one series though.

  2. Otaku.

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