The “18+ Only” Magazine Dilemma

After purchasing, I carefully examine the magazine's contents at my apartment.

Ever walked into a store, wanting to buy something, and realized that is was rated only for 18+? Well, that happens to me quite a bit. Since I’m a warm-blooded teenage male, fetish and playboy-esque magazines are always (not really) on my mind. However, as I said before, they’re 18+ only.

As a law-abiding citizen, you would expect the store cashiers to believe the same ideal, right? Well, as a study, I decide to test that. On two separate occasions and at two different stores, I was able to purchase these so-called fetish magazines. Not only did they have scantily clad ladies, they had bonus DVDs of the whole photo shoot. To add insult to injury, even the magazine was placed in the “18+ only” rack. What do you say to that?


Is it a lack of concern? Is it that I look like an adult? Is it that they are in dire need to make money? Do they not think buying 18A magazines is not a big deal? Whether it’s 7-11 or Family Mart, a male cashier or a female cashier, the only reaction from them was “___ amount of dollars, please”. Should this be a disconcerting fact?

It is true that teenagers are able to easily access pornography or any 18+ material with relative ease, but doesn’t that only apply to the internet? Does this mean I can head straight into an AV store and purchase AVs featuring my favorite AV idols? While I have yet to test that, the fact that I was able to purchase 18+ only magazines boosts my confidence I’ll be able to do so. I mean, if you look at it, most teenagers do watch porn and do have sex, so I guess, what’s the big deal of buying a book? It’s not much use rating stuff 18+ if teenagers that are 14 are already starting to become parents. Could this be how they’re treating this situation?


However, it could definitely be that the store cashiers couldn’t care less about a fetish magazine. After all, there’s no “heavy” penalty for selling minors fetish magazines other than a warning/minor fine. On the other hand, if they dared to sell tobacco or alcohol, they would be dead broke/jailed. Is the threat of going to jail the only thing that garners their attention? It seems ridiculous, but that could be what’s going on.

While you may argue that I probably just look like some 20 year old, I actually don’t. In fact, if you looked at my visage, you would say that I look like I’m 15. Thanks mom & dad, for giving me such a youthful exuberance. However, my height and build could be a factor. Even the time I purchase the magazines could be a factor.

Just for decoration?

As a future science student, I would obviously want to list out my variables. One such variable, as I just said, could be the time I purchased the magazines. Since I purchased them between the time kids are at a school, it does automatically say “I’m not a high school student”. In addition, the magazines, despite being fetish magazines, aren’t direct pornography.

Regardless, despite all the variables listed above, it is still a concern that store cashiers aren’t as law-abiding as I thought they would be. Also, despite firm laws, the store cashiers still disregard these laws and think “profit first”. At this point, you might ask, why would I be complaining about finally being able to buy the sexy magazines that I’ve always wanted to buy? It’s not a matter of seeing 18+ only content because I can see that every day on the internet, but the fact that store cashiers are indifferent to minors purchasing these restricted materials.

P.S. The models inside were DAYUM sexy.

One series of fetish magazine I bought. Didn't include the other as it was extremely NSFW.

    • Damian Margason
    • January 6th, 2012

    Very Interesting, A Similar Situation Happened To Me And My Brother. We Went To A Smoke Shop To Buy Cigarettes For My Bro. Mind You, We Both Look Well Under 18, And The Store Clerk Was Willing To Sell Us Anything, Including Medical Marijuana And Pipes, With Out Asking Us For AnyIdentification What So Ever
    A Big Factor Could Be How Well The Business Is Doing. Like You Said “A dire need To Make Money”

    • Yeah…I think greed is truly what’s a work here.
      However, the clerks at the convenience stores I went to were just average people.
      They could care less about how well the 7-11 or FamilyMart is doing.
      In fact, I was even bolder in my next attempt. I went to 7-11 to by 2 magazines, this time, I walked straight up to the cashier with only those 2 things in hand. They didn’t even flinch or look at me as if I was a weirdo. Anyways, it’s still quite alarming this happens.

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