Easing the Pace Notice~

DJing my blog like a boss.

Hey everyone~

It might seem like I keep posting a couple of articles each day, but that’s just to jump-start the blog to a good start.

However, as the readership has started to become more stable and what I predicted it will be, I’m going to slow down the posts. Not because I’m the lazy bastard that I am, but if this continues, I will run out of ideas by March!

Anyways, I’ve devised a schedule of posts from now on:

Monday: MusicStation Monday as usual, featuring old anime OP/ED hits including some of the new ones~ Pop me a tweet if you have any suggestions!

Wednesday: Since there’s simply too many old/new cosplays that are on the internet, I’ve decided to shift through a couple that I think are really well done and just do a cosplay feature on every Wednesday. Cosplays will mainly be from the Spcats cosplay team and the ReVamp studio

Thursday: New “Random Articles” featuring discussions, raging, and or other interesting posts.

Specials: In the event that I go visit a convention, expo, or a special location, I will try to come up with a post within 2 days or so. If it lands on a scheduled date, it will not interrupt the regular postings.

Hope you guys tune in on those dates~

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