Team Play in League of Legends

I'm so sorry for making you die so many times, Kat. Will you forgive me? ❤

League of Legends is a game consisting of two teams of 5 champions each, squaring off against each other in mortal kombat. As a “team” game, cooperation between teammates is “recommended” in order to ensure players will be able to perform to their best potential. However, does that supposedly “recommended” teamwork ever occur?

Well duh, of course it does. If it doesn’t, then how does epic “team fights” occur. However, we’re not here to focus on the rare cases. I wouldn’t be writing this article if we everyone played as a unit and worked together a team.

In my past 15 games of LoL, I’ve seen the worst torrent of bad team play in my whole LoL-playing career. Not that I’m the best team player ever, but when you have combined aspects that continually screw you over, you would be equally as pissed. In addition, when you have bad team play, it pretty much guarantees a loss, thus I’m also on one of my worst losing streaks ever.

Even trolling didn't let me win games.


When I first started out on this streak, I got a couple of teams with some premade players and…they sucked. Since they’re premade, they usually have one or two players that are extremely low level, and to add insult to injury, the premades usually are very stubborn and they insist on laning together.

Having one or two players that are low levels are okay. In fact, some low levels are remarkably good! However, that’s not the case. Usually, and almost in all cases of the recent matches I’ve played, the low levels are the ones that feed. Because they feed early game, even experienced players and carries eventually feed too before they can do anything about it. Thus, due to one feeder, the whole game could be potentially lost before the first 10 minutes.

Also, another problem with premades is how they usually insist on laning together. Have you ever seen a Sona mid? One of the games I played, I had two pairs of premades who insisted on laning together, thus leaving me mid. Since I rarely mid, it was pretty much suicide. However, as the game progress, I kept mid at a stalemate, but both top and bottom became forsaken. Would the game’s fate change if Brand had went to mid? Who knows, but it’s a shame that I had to waste my honor as a good Sona player.

Female Taric? I STRONGLY approve.

Hue hue hue!
Don’t get me wrong, but I’m not a racist. I’m not saying people who can’t speak English are bad players. What I’m simply trying to get at is, since LoL is mainly a team game, communication is imperative to success, and without communication, things may end up in a catastrophe.

For example, 2 losses ago, I played with an entire team of Brazilians. Playing as Xerath, I automatically chose mid…and while I was completely dominating early game with a 7/0/0, the tides soon started to change. The Brazilians got some crazy ideas and started some of their team play, which ended up in an absolute cluster-gank. Did I do anything to prevent it? Well, more like I couldn’t. All I got was a stream of Portuguese and 4 champions moving to top, and then suddenly “ENEMY TRIPLE KILL”. What was I supposed to do? I eventually lost that match, but of course, I was fuming mad since they had ruined my best Xerath game as of yet.

While I’m not specifically pointing at any race, too often I get Brazilians on my team who fail to communicate with the team, and end up either feeding or screwing the entire team over. I mean, if they could navigate through LoL’s game client, I would half-expect them to be able to understand SOME English.

Or could it be that I was just distracted by Sivir?


If I were Riot, I would seriously be having quite a big headache. It’s not like these are easily-corrected problems. If they were, then they would already be amended. Regardless, I would still like to present some of my solutions.

  1. Make premade teams balanced: If a pair or a triplet is a premade and they have a low level, then the game balancing should allow an equally low level player to join the game on the opposite team. While the two low levels may be heavily feeding, it creates an opportunity for both teams to have a fair match as one feeder cancels out one another.
  2. Premade “restrictions”: In order to prevent selfish and illogical premade players from stubbornly occupying lanes they’re not meant to be in, Riot should impose some restrictions as to which champs premades can play, and thus, this will prevent an ill-fitted champion to be forced to play a lane and ultimately losing the lane early game.
  3. More servers: Obviously it means more money spent for Riot, but they should create, instead of just “Area” based servers, they should have “Language” based servers. That means, Hispanics would be playing Hispanics, English-speakers would be playing English-Speakers, Korean-speakers would be playing Korean-speakers, and Chinese-speakers would be playing Chinese-speakers. Of course, some individuals are dual language, so instead of making it a “restriction”, it should just be similar to a “drop-down” menu of what language you choose to play in.

I hope readers can sympathize and agree with what I’m saying, because, as a LoL player, I’ve been driven mad by the “hue hue hue!” and selfish premade players that dominate today’s solo queue. It’s not that I’m raging because I’m a “noob” or “I can’t win games”, it’s just frustrating to see yourself losing so many games straight even with the main that you usually have a 95% win rate with.

Nah, it was just a fed Teemo that raped me.

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