MusicStation Monday: “Yura Yura” by Hearts Grow

So this week, I thought I might go back and visit more of the “mainstream” anime that the whole world knows about: Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, etc.

While I’m not going to feature songs from all 3 anime, I thought it would be a good idea to at least give a song that I thought would be a great hit. So anyway, with “Yura Yura” by Hearts Grow, it’s an OP song for the original Naruto show. While I’m totally in love with this song, I’ve actually completely forgotten which Naruto season it’s from and what OP number it is.

Regardless, “Yura Yura” was first introduced to me by a friend of mine, the quite-renowned “Bischu”, who happens just so to be pretty much a semi-pro League of Legends player. While we were back in Grade 9 and going on a school trip, I decided to pull out my iPod, which was at the time loaded with random anime songs I’ve never even heard before. However, Bischu knew what it was, so he asked to play it, and being the great person I am, I said sure. What I didn’t know was this is how I’d hear one of my favorite songs for the first time.

So anyways, I basically “stumbled” upon this song (since I usually skipped the OP/ED for shows like Naruto) and it has been a mainstay in my playlist for the longest time.

Oh and before I finish, the “Yura Yura” OP segment has got to be one of the most intense OP I have ever seen. It’s damn cool. Although I’d love to show you what it looks like, there’s simply just too many fandub videos on Youtube and none of the actual video…so…I guess that means you’ll have to find it on your own 😀


※ゆらゆらと 歪んだ空へ
こんなにも 近くに感じてる







見上げた夜空は 雲が晴れて
夢に向かってる 瞳は変わらない



胸の痛みさえ きっと絆



  1. Love this, I think its possibly my favourite Hearts Grow song ^_^

    I remember when I first heard them on naruto. That was a great OP. I’m not really sure how I ended up on your blog but I stumbled onto a favourite of mine so its all good I guess =]

    • So I guess everything works out? 😀
      Love the song too~
      I just remembered it because when I went back to Taiwan for vacation, Naruto was airing on Animax, and the episodes just so happened to be from the arc that had “Yura Yura” by Hearts Grow~

      • Everything worked out great (Y)
        I did flick through my iTunes to find their album after hearing this. And watch the Naruto OP. The nostalgia…
        Although, lead singer loves to wave her hands around lol

      • DAT OP.
        It’s certainly one of the most intense Naruto OPs out there. The other ones were done kind of…random and repetitive? Like the rest all had the same theme about Sasuke trying to go lone wolf and ditching Team 7. Finally a change~

  2. DAT OP indeed ^^

    The song just fit the video really, it was great seeing the opening to NARUTO actually about NARUTO lol Back when the Rasengan was just being made – the nostalgia…

    • Aside from the taijutsu demonstration, the whole “team members” segment was done fairly well too.

      If you can understand the lyrics, it makes the scene even better. 😀

      Nostalgia? I has it.

      • True true.

        You understand Japanese? I’m not fluent but I know some, so I know some of them at least 😀

        That OP is like a nostalgia connoisseur.

      • More or less?
        I try my best, but there’s no guarantee.
        However, an alternative would be just reading the subtitles? XD

  3. That is what I generally do haha

    God bless subs, I don’t know where I’d be without them…

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