Otaku-noms: UCC Coffee in Canada?

Everyday I see my dream...

As some of you guys may recall, I did my first “Otaku-Noms” post on UCC coffee. So why am I doing it again?

Well, first off, the first UCC coffee post was a variant of the acclaimed “Milk and Coffee” series, thus it was not a “true” UCC coffee post. Secondly, I was in Taiwan. Being able to buy Japanese merchandise/food in Taiwan is almost akin to being able to buy Abercrombie & Fitch from the US when you live in Canada.

This brings me to the main purpose of the post. Usually, in Canada, Asian-related food products are rarely seen, let alone any special versions of it. However, as I went on my usual grocery trip to a supermarket, I noticed the market sold something I would have never guessed. UCC “Milk & Coffee” Evangelion 3.0 Limited Edition cans.

I was bewildered at the fact that they even had the original version! Finding the collectible cans sure saved me quite a lot of shipping fee from Japan. In addition, the UCC “Milk & Coffee” was not only sold in sparse amounts, shoppers could choose to buy a whole box of 30! For $1.86 per can w/ an addition 10% off since I bought a whole box, it was quite the deal! I guess someone finally got sick and tired of the “item request” box being filled with UCC coffee suggestions ^^

Early Christmas, it was.

So yeah, if you think about it, all this post is more or less just a show-off article on my loot from a grocery run.

Keep your eyes open for UCC Milk & Coffee cans! They could be coming to your local supermarket!


    • Lana
    • November 29th, 2013

    I am trying to find a Vancouver, BC area supplier to buy UCC single-serving, green foil packaging BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD!,

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