Censors: Women Taking the Lead (Doesn’t Really) Turn Our Boys Gay

This will definitely never make me gay.

No, I’m not a feminist. I’m not here to preach to you about sexual equality. I’m here to tell you that, straight up, when women are being dominant, it does not make men gay.

In response to the absurdity of a recent (not-so-anymore) Sankaku Complex article, I’ve decided to come up with a response post.

*PS, read it before reading this article.

Well first off, before I get into any serious discussion…ARE THEY HIGH?

Women, being in dominant roles, can be a very normal thing these days. It’s not just the “housewife”  that’s picking up the kids or cleaning the home anymore, it could be the “stay-at-home-dad”. On the more extreme hand, if dominatrices make men gay, then why is there the SM fetish?

Clearly they've never seen Ami-chan.

It’s funny to think that a demanding, confident woman is now being used a scapegoat for SM fetish males to be called “gay”. In my honest opinion (yes I had to type it out), I think confident women are the sexiest type of women out there. Not that I’m horribly into SM or anything of the sort, dominating women certainly don’t make me any more homosexual than my playboy neighbor.

Okay, so what if they’re just “uptight bitches”? Well okay, it’s one thing to call them a “bitch”, which would most likely piss them off in the first place, and also, there’s the “tsundere” type girl. Let’s take a perfect example here. Hitagi Senjougahara. For those of you who’ve watched Bakemonogatari, we all know how incredibly sexy she is. In fact, even girls write articles on just how boss she is: here. So how does that make anyone gay if chicks are even digging her? I’m pretty sure Arararararagi-kun just wants to dive headfirst into her shimapan, and yes, so would I.

How is Senjougahara anything, but sexy?

In more specific relation to the Sankaku Complex article, “harmful sexual activities” that features male subjugating to dominating females are…rather commonplace. Okay, so it’s depicted in a manga, which we all know hater-Ishihara dislikes a lot, but you know what? That stuff is out there every day in real life. You never hear males complaining about the SM treatment they’re getting? Well duh, because they enjoy it! Though it’s not the same with everybody, but the people are willing participating in the activity. If you didn’t like getting whipped, why would you volunteer to get whipped then?

This brings us to the ultimate question. How does a woman dominating a man have anything ever to do with anal butt-sex between two guys? It doesn’t work at all. No matter what sort of mathematical equation you use, you’ll NEVER arrive at (dominating woman + man) = (man + man sex).

Thus, in conclusion, I thought the censoring of ero-manga that features dominatrices are absolutely absurd. There’s a saying I’ve learnt from AP Psychology and it’s “Correlation doesn’t prove Causation”; however, in our case, there’s no correlation in the first place! How can this be possible?!

No, council, this doesn't make me gay. It makes me hotter for Luka more than ever before.

  1. I totally agree with you, in fact I actually have a fetish for S&M.

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