MusicStation Monday: “Synchrogazer” by Nana Mizuki

Hey folks~!

Sorry for the late posting and the dearth of posts last Wednesday/Thursday, but I had some things to attend to. Anyways, to get back to S & D’s regular posting schedule, I’ve got this week’s MusicStation Monday feature for you guys!

This week, we have “Synchrogazer” by Nana Mizuki, and it’s the OP of the new Winter 2012 anime, Senhime Zesshou Symphogear. While I haven’t watched the anime, I’ve heard some rave reviews and I know a couple of colleagues who are smitten with this show. I’ll get into why I’m not watching this show later on, but first, I must explain my awesome reason for featuring this song.

So on a calm Saturday afternoon, le me and my mom were watching some Japanese TV, and all of a sudden, the new billboard for Japanese songs came up. After listening to some of the featured songs on the rankings, along came #6, which was none other than “Synchrogazer”. While I was busy tweeting….

Mom: “Hey, this sounds like it’s from an anime.”

Sabishii: “Oh? Hmmm…perchance.”

Mom: “Aren’t you like some anime blogger? You should know where it’s from.”

Sabishii: “DA FUQ?! That’s not a legitimate reason for why I should know…but if I had to guess…probably Senhime Zesshou Symphogear.”

Mom: “What’s it about?”

Sabishii: “Girls fighting in mechas, skin-tight suits, and something to do with music?”

Mom: “Bet you $10 it’s that show.”

Sabishii: “You’re on~!”

…and there goes my $10. Have to say, my mom is too legit.

Anyways, as for the reason why I haven’t watched the show, it’s because I simply can’t get past the premise. No matter how good it is, it’s going to be at the end of my backlog. Hopefully I’ll get to see it before it gets too stale though…


Listen to my song…

僕の声は聴こえていますか? please tell me…
答えのない構\の指し fly far away

葉じゃ足りないから 僕のすべて受け止めて
君に歌うよ 遠の始まりを

誰よりも熱く 誰よりも強く 抱き締めるよ
震える心 揺さぶればいい何かが動き出す
共に奏でた跡 天に舞うよ

僕の想いは届いていますか? true or false
触れ合うたび もどかしさが募る crying more crying

いつも避けてばかりいた 日を失いそうで
付けないように 付かないように

痛いくらいに 苦しい程に そう…愛しいから

響け 命(いのち)の唱(うた)方 羽ばたいて

誰よりも熱く 誰よりも強く 抱き締めたい
震える心 揺さぶればいい何かが動き出す
共に紡いだ跡 天を描くよ

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