So who am I ya wonder? To make it short, well, most of you who haven’t heard of me already, I’m just another internet blogger with a keen interest for anime and Japanese culture and for those who have, this is just another website I get to blog on.

Just a little bit more about myself:

Blogging History:
At first, I was another reader just like yourself. However, having harbored  an intense desire  to voice out my opinions to this vast world, I decided to become a blogger and use WordPress as my broadcasting tool. Things were coming along slowly with my first blog, Atarashii Shinryakusha, but instead of just writing “articles” and sub-standard episodic posts, I decided I needed to up the ante and challenge my abilities at a renowned blog.  Being an avid reader of Rabbit Poets, I decided to apply for a position there, and low and behold, I became a writer there! In the beginning, episodic posts were hard to pump out and I had to glean writing styles off other coworkers, but as time passed, I managed to develop a style of my own. As current followers know, I can be quite the “crazed fanboy” as certain readers put it. After two successful seasons at Rabbit Poets, I was ready to embark on my third one. However, as university applications stood in my way, I had to cut my 3rd season short. It was quite the tragedy for me because Fall 2011 had some of the best shows in a while. Thus, I was fairly disappointed. Regardless, as that it all behind me now, I shall continue to blog episodic posts and articles for my faithful readers!~

Why did I start this new blog?:
While I certainly “mainly” blog  for Rabbit Poets, I only get to blog about episodic shows, so in order to go back to the “ranting” style that I had envisioned when I first started out, I decided to start “Solo ka Doppio” as a side blog that I would post discussion articles and what not. I decided to scrap Atarashii Shinryakusha in favor for S & D because AS had become more of a “scratch work” blog and it was littered with random posts, unfinished writings, and weird stuff that wasn’t quite “read-able”. Thus, creating S & D was a chance for me to have a fresh start in the original blogging direction I had imagined.

More about myself:
I’m currently 17 years old and I have a deep passion for Japanese culture. Being 25% Japanese myself, I thought having an interest for Japanese culture would help me better connect to my roots. Other than Japanese culture, I like to play sports such as hockey and skiing, so that’s a tad bit different from your traditional Asian teenager. Aside from that, I enjoy watching sunsets, hanging out with friends, and singing karaoke. ROCK ON BABY!

  1. Nice site man. Certainly found some nice music 🙂

    I’m new to the anime blogsphere but would you mind a blogroll swap?

    • Just saw your message lol. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Feel free to delete these comments 😛

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