We have moved~!

Hey everyone~!

This is Sabishii Miruku here~!

In the past few days I’ve decided to move “Solo Ka Doppio” to kokidokom.net self-hosting network~

While it was a highly successful run and I had an increasing readership, I decided that I wanted to up the ante, and try out even more new things. This, as I soon discovered, would be my venture into KoKidoKom, a network of self-hosted anime blogs. By “self-hosting” the website, this allows owners to have more control over the page, while maintaining the WordPress platform.

During my move to KoKidoKom, I decided that I would change the name of the blog as well. Because “Solo ka Doppio” felt a slight bit cumbersome, I decided that one of my favourite phrases, “KANPAI“, should be my new blog name. KANPAI is the equivalent of “cheers” in Japanese, and generally, I like to blog about “happy” things. Also, because of my fervor in purchasing/consuming Japanese beverages, the new blog name fits my personality perfectly.

Anyways, since I just got the new blog (like…2 days ago), there are several changes still need to be made. Please bear with me as I have yet to finalize everything, rework some posts and what not.

Also, for the people that do read my older posts (on KANPAI!), you may notice that some certain special characters may appear as “?”. This is just a slight problem, yet, un-fixable. Thus, please excuse that and if you do read the older “MusicStation Monday” posts, the Japanese lyrics will be completely disabled.

Don’t worry though, all new posts will be alright and everything will be up-to-date soon~!


See y’all soon~

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